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DIY Dry Erase Calendar and Menu Boards with Cricut

Mar 23, 2019· Make your home a little more organized with these two easy projects – a dry erase calendar and menu board – made using the Cricut Maker! Oh boy, it has been a WEEK. I feel like every day I become more and more of a hot mess.

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How to Wash a Down Comforter in 4 Easy Steps

Feb 28, 2021· Step 2: Add dryer balls. One highly recommended item for drying a down comforter is wool dryer balls — and lots of them. Wool dryer balls act as safe agitators, creating more space for warm air to travel throughout the comforter. Throw at least a half dozen wool dryer balls (or a few tennis balls, in a pinch) in the dryer for faster, more

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16 DIY Drying Rack Projects For Clothes And Herbs

Jan 27, 2021· Jan 27, 2021· 3. DIY Cabinet Door Drying Rack. In this video tutorial, the creator used some 2x4 lumber wood as the vertical post of the rack and some 1x4 as the arms of the drying rack. This project requires a lot of wood, some for the base, the .

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3 Ways to Clean the Inside of a Washing Machine

Oct 21, 2021· Make sure the machine parts stay dry. If your machine has a soap or softener drawer that gets wet during the washing process, take it out to dry when the cycle is complete. Only replace it in the washer when you're sure that it's thoroughly dry.

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Composting: How to Make Compost using Tumblers & Bins

Lay twigs or straw first, a few inches deep. This aids drainage and helps aerate the pile. Add compost materials in layers, alternating moist and dry. Moist ingredients are food scraps, tea bags, seaweed, etc. Dry materials are straw, leaves, sawdust pellets and wood ashes.

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How to Make Your Washer and Dryer Last Longer

Jun 20, 2019· 1. Keep it level. The drums on modern washers can spin up to 1,600 rpm. To keep the machine from vibrating excessively and damaging itself, the washer needs to .

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How to make basic white bread less dense in a bread machine

Nov 16, 2012· In the last 3 months I hardly bought any store-made bread, baking about a loaf every week at home, using bread machine recipes. And, I've noticed a couple of trends/issues when making bread: sometimes the bread comes out way too dense, or .

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The Easy Way To DIY Rope And Cordage

Nov 27, 2013· Another way to make rope an easy and simple way is to braid it using a three pieces of twine with a loop at one end. Place the loops over your finger and then braid the strand. I have also used a rope making machine and recommend it because it can easily be kept in a bug out bag or backpack.

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How to Wash Your Pillow (Yes, You Should)

Apr 03, 2021· Down or feather: Most down pillows can be put in the washing machine, but use cool water and a mild detergent, then dry on low heat. (High temperatures can damage the down.) (High temperatures can

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How To Make Beef Jerky With A Dehydrator – 5 Easy Steps!

Jan 19, 2021· The next step on How to Make Beef Jerky in Dehydrator is freezing. Place your meat in a freezer for between 1 and 2 hours. The purpose of this is to freeze it for easy cutting. However, the meat should be fully frozen. It should be hard to the touch. Next slice the meat against the grain around 1/8 to ¼ inch thick for an easier chew.

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Dry Ice Hash – The 'New' Way to Make Hash

Oct 09, 2020· At a temperature of −78.5°C, the dry ice effectively freezes and separates trichomes without the need to soak or sift cannabis material. The Necessities. To make dry ice hash you will need the following materials: 2-3 pounds of dry ice broken into cube size pieces; Dried or frozen cannabis plant matter (at least an ounce) Filter bags/bubble bags

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How to Freeze-Dry Food

Nov 08, 2018· Set some water to boil. Put your freeze-dried chunks in a bowl. Once the water is boiling, add a little bit of water to the bowl. The food will slowly absorb the water. Give it a minute, then test

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How to Wash a Backpack: An Easy Guide

Oct 04, 2021· Step 1: Prep for the wash. If there are any exterior or interior stains, gently apply some stain remover with a soft brush or toothbrush to affected areas and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Fill the basin with about six inches of lukewarm water. (Hot water could damage the fabric's colors.) Add a small amount of gentle detergent.

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How To Make Your Own At-Home Dry Cleaner

Jun 28, 2019· Step 3 – Dry It. Zip the bag closed, place it in your dryer, then run the dryer for about 30 minutes. Remove the item from the bag and hang it up immediately to prevent wrinkles from forming. (It might be slightly damp, but that's normal.) While this may not be a replacement for dry cleaning, I'm quite pleased with the results that I got

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Simple Onion Bread Recipe for the Bread Machine

Sep 12, 2021· Delicious flavored breads make wonderful additions to any and all meals, from soups and salads to saucy stews and pasta. Our easy onion-flavored bread made in a bread machine makes a wonderful savory loaf that you can enjoy by simply gathering the ingredients and pressing start on your machine.

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How to Dry Marijuana

May 01, 2020· Dry the buds for almost a week in a dark room. Space out the branches for easy air ventilation to and fro from the buds. Dry it until it feels crispy on a delicate touch. Be as gentle as you can. A little gentle press will tell if the bud has dried out. It's smarter to over-dry them.

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Make Your Own Desiccant

It is used for drying flowers. Make sure to get "indicator crystals" in with the silica. They will turn from blue to pink, telling you when you need to recharge your desiccant bag. Also, silica gel comes as particles, not as an actual gel. Cloth - I have some muslin in the picture, but you may wish to have something a little more dense. Perhaps

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How to Make Your Own Dress Form: A Step by Step Guide

Feb 14, 2018· How to make a paper mache dress form that is taped: Source: Makingitwell. Reams of brown paper tape from an office supply store and a willing model provide a cost effect and easy way to make this DIY dress form. You will need: Brown paper tape, wet sponge, a willing model, a t-shirt or similar garment for them to wear, hairdryer. Process:

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The Best Ways to Dry Compressed Air

Jun 10, 2020· The absorptive materials might solidify or build-up, which could create a blockage problem in the tank. Residue from the materials may transfer into the other parts of your air compression or air drying machine. The dew point is not lowered as much as it is with other drying methods, meaning there are more effective drying methods available.

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How to Clean Your CPAP

Jun 16, 2021· Room air goes in to the machine, filter, tube, mask and nose. Then exhaled air goes back into the mask, tube, and machine. In that exhaled air is moisture from your body. Microorganisms thrive on moisture and particulate matter. You might now know how to clean your CPAP yet. Fortunately, it is a relatively simple process.

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30 Simple Machine Projects for Kids

Mar 19, 2021· Mar 19, 2021· If you are learning about simple machines for kids and looking for some fun,hands-on STEM activities for kids, you are going to love these simple machine projects.. With over 30 creative simple machine activities, we will show you how to make a simple machine as you learn about the 6 simple machines: inclined planes, wheel & axel, wedges, levers, pulley, and screws.

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How to Make Wool Dryer Balls: Save Money and Control Static

Dry your yarn caterpillar with your laundry using the hottest dryer setting. Remove balls from nylons and check for felting. When learning how to make wool dryer balls you'll see that some types of wool yarn will not felt well on the first try. You may need to repeat the washing and drying cycles up to 3 or 4 times.

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How to Make Hash in 2021: The Ultimate Guide to Making

Nov 27, 2020· You will need dry ice, gloves, bubble bags, and a bucket. Put your cannabis trimmings in the bucket with the dry ice. Shake it and stir for a few minutes. This will allow the resin glands to separate from the plant material, using the temperature to assist it. .

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Simple Ways to Freeze Dry Food Without a Machine

Mar 23, 2020· Freeze drying is a great way to store food long-term. Don't worry if you don't have a proper machine, because you can use a freezer or dry ice and a freezer to speed up the process. It may take a little longer than a freeze-drying machine,...

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Learn How To Felt Wool using your Washing Machine! Yes

Create your item from wool or animal fiber yarn. When completely finished, place in mesh laundry bag. Set washing machine to HOT WASH/COLD RINSE. Wash item, then shake out and lay flat to dry. For more important information about how to felt wool, see below. You should use wool or other animal fiber yarn, ie. alpaca or llama, maybe dog hair if

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How to Make a Spin Drying Machine at Home

Apr 03, 2019· Homemade DIY Electric Spin Dryer with 775 Motor - incredible idea

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DIY Gets Sexy: 3 Simple Concoctions for Making Your Own

Jan 14, 2014· While a big brain and confident craftsmanship have always been attractive qualities, today I'm going to show you the sexiest DIY project I've ever used ingredients for. DIY lubricant can save you money (lube is 95% water), help you avoid the creepy glance from your CVS cashier, and it's the best way to make sure you only use all natural ingredients on your lady bits (if that's your thing).

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How To Make Hand-Washing Clothes At Home Easier When You

May 19, 2020· First off, make sure that your tub is clean, Propper said. Then, fill your tub with warm water and add in your preferred detergent. Add your sheets and let them soak for 15 minutes. After your sheets have soaked, swish them around. Give them a light wring afterward to get out the excess water, and hang or lay flat to dry.

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How To Make Foldable Clothes Drying Rack || Wall Mount

Dec 14, 2018· Hello Friends,Today I Make A Wall Mount Foldable Clothes Drying Rack. This Clothes Drying Rack Is Very Useful. This Foldable Rack Is Made From Metal. I Hope

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Four Easy Ways on How to Wash and Dry Fleece Blankets

Aug 22, 2017· Some tips: 1. Hard water can make your blankets rough. Use water softener as needed. 2. Do not use dryer sheets. 3. If your blanket sheds, you can use a large pillow case or a laundry basket then put it in the washer. Here is a Youtube tutorial on how to wash fleece blankets, using white vinegar.

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My Marcato Pasta Maker Homemade Pasta Cookbook, A Simple

Your Marcato® Atlas Pasta Machine can do more than you think! This Simple Steps™ recipe book shows you exactly how to get the most out of your pasta maker so you can make all of your favorite pastas and pasta dishes, such as ravioli, spaghetti, lasagna, at .

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How to wash and dry a comforter or duvet in the washing

May 19, 2017· Make sure to choose a detergent that is safe for delicate materials. Not using a huge amount of detergent will prevent oversudsing in the machine, and also reduces stripping the feathers of down comforters. Add 2 tennis balls to the wash to help balance the load and ensure effective cleaning. Now, it's time to dry.

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31 Ingenious Ways To Make Doing Laundry Easier

May 09, 2013· 19. Utilize the narrow space between the washer and dryer with a rolling storage cart. 20. Use curtains to cover up the washer and dryer. Curtains .

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Dry Eyes

Sep 17, 2021· Bacteria build-up on your mask can weaken your mask seal, which in turn can cause it to leak and blow air into your eyes. That's why keeping your mask sanitized daily can reduce how often you get dry eyes. The Sleep8 CPAP cleaner will keep your supplies sanitary and fresh much easier than daily hand-washing. The Sleep8 makes cleaning easy with:

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Drying is a mass transfer process consisting of the removal of water or another solvent by evaporation from a solid, semi-solid or liquid.This process is often used as a final production step before selling or packaging products. To be considered "dried", the final product must be solid, in the form of a continuous sheet (e.g., paper), long pieces (e.g., wood), particles (e.g., cereal grains

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How to Make Homemade Pasta

The other simple is an electric roller. You need to prepare the dough by hand and then flatten it to get through the roller. I prefer this second type of machine as I mix and knead the pasta dough by hand. The electric extrusion machines generally do not knead the dough sufficiently to .

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XSD Sand Washer

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